Bendel Family Photo
Jordan and Jody Bendel Family

Wildcomb Farm is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin also called the “Driftless Region ” a very narrow unglaciated region of the state. The hills along with ample rainfall make this area perfect for raising both high quality bees and queens. The variety of landscapes allow for both a continuous and diverse pollen and nectar sources over the growing season.  

We are 3rd generation beekeepers raising the 4th generation. Jody was raised in the commercial beekeeping traditions with both her father and grandfather running a commercial operation. Jordan was raised with his father and grandfather as sideline beekeepers. He has a deep unshakeable love of bees and their wonders. We have kept bees every year except for one year, which has built a strong knowledge of what to do and not do. The whole family is involved in different areas of the business, with three of our kids that actively work bees.       

We have experienced many of the different facets of the beekeeping industry and finally found our love in raising queens and nucs for our customers. We treat our customers like family as many have been with us since we brought our first packages from Florida. We are committed to providing you with the healthiest bees and queens we can and take meticulous care to make that happen.

Wild Comb Apiary
Jordan and Jody Bendel
S2206 County Road S
Westby, WI  54667